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The vineyard is the heart of everything, that's why we take care of with love and dedication

P odere Albiano as it looks today was created in 2002. It is located at 400 mt. above sea level and its microclimate is positively influenced by the draughts created by the vicinity of Mount Amiata and by being on the edger of two valleys (The Val d’Orcia and the Val di Chiana): thanks to this position we enjoy mild rainfalls, a good temperature range between night and day and constant winds.

The vineyard measures 4 hectares (about 10 acres), and the grapes are grown with the spurred cordon training system, with a density of 6250 plants/hectare.

The soil is medium-textured, with a mixture of sandy and clayey ground - which allows good drainage of the water - and lies with an East-West exposure of the plants: all excellent ingredients for the growth of the species we have chosen in accordance with these premises:

  • Sangiovese
  • Merlot
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Petit Verdot

The health of the vineyard depends on the attention and the care we pay to it every day. Each moment of the year is dedicated to precise activities; this allows the grapes to reach a balanced concentration of all the elements that will be involved in the wine-making process, once the fruits mature.

We continue to learn
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F rom early September up to the end of October we work on the grape harvest.

Usually we begin in September in the Southern vineyard, with the Merlot grapes; then October comes, with the selection of Sangiovese, while the month ends with the Petit Verdot and the Cabernet Sauvignon in the Eastern vineyard.
Harvesters collect grapes manually and put them in small crates that are promptly brought to the tables where a double selection is manually operated: first by bunches and then by single grapes. these are dropped into the wine-cellar, which is under the selection terrace. Using gravity allows a better preservation of the fruits avoiding their squashing, which might interfere with the final quality of the wine.

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The Cellar

Certified UNI EN ISO 22005
Oenologist: Paolo Vagaggini

In 2009 we completed the construction of our wine-cellar.
It is an excellent example of the integration of the traditions of this area and the most advanced technologies in wine-making and renewable energy: the whole estate is powered by a geo-thermal energy plant, which has reduced our Co2 emissions to close to zero ; this is consistent with our philosophy of respecting nature and the environment and promoting sustainable resources.
The harvested grapes come to the large vinification hall that is equipped with traditional wooden open cone shaped vats for the Sangiovese grapes, and with stainless steel tanks for the other varieties.
The aging cellar, which houses the barrels, is kept at a constant temperature and humidity. We made sure that we installed the appropriate ventilation system, as it was built underground, below the estate. It is in this room where keep the wines which need to mature in wood and become more complex prior to bottling. We produce about 20.000 bottles of wine every year.

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