Valdorcia - Tuscany

Wine and this land have belonged to each other ever since

Podere Albiano

In living in one of the most beautiful places on earth, we have developed a special bond with this land, and hold a deep debt of gratitude and respect for it. We have grown to understand that we can only honour this debt by favouring the land’s gifts of nature: our role is to help the ground to grow and ripen its fruits. These fruits will then be able to thrive and turn into the product which will tell its story through taste, aroma and bouquet, thus releasing the same power and joy which enthralled us when we first came here.

The earth and the plants express their talents. We add devotion and skill.

We decided to become vignerons: real wine makers. Time for us is marked only by the rhythms of Nature and by the quest for quality: every morning we are the first to enter our vineyard to commence our work, and when dusk fallss, we are the last ones to leave.
Ours is a true declaration of love for this earth. We base this life on trust, by totally devoting ourselves to the vineyard and to the olive grove, secure in the knowledge that we shall be repaid. This feeling grows within us each day; each time time we close the doors of the wine cellar after having made sure that everything is fine, or each time we open a bottle of our wine and the bouquet that is released, returns our memory to each single day of that particular vintage.
Indeed, the fruits and the products born from this earth need more than purely the sense of taste to be understood: they carry much more than a single narrative within them.

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